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17-07-18 13:20

판매 -

단독가옥 단독가옥 125 편방미터
라용, Maeramphueng Beach
Mae Ramphueng beach road
지면 면적 332 Wah   ( 1 Wah = 4 편방미터 )

판매가격 2 990 000바트    -   태국회사
Updated 11-7-2018

  • 층 - 1
  • 욕실 - 2
  • 해변까지의 거리 - 1200 미터
  • 바다보기: &
  • 수영장: 개별적 수영장

  • 에어콘 - 3
  • 부엌

  • 3 bedroom pool house close to Mae Ramphueng beach
    Now we can offer this attractive detached 1 story house located close to beautiful Mae Ramphueng beach in
    Rayong (1.2 kms away).

    The house consists of a living room, kitchen/dining room, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There is a total of 5 air
    conditioners in the house.

    Here you have your own private swimming pool. Its located behind the carport where you can park your car or
    motorbike! The house is located in a small community with 8 houses, with a mix of foreign and Thai families.

    The house comes with a 1 year property control.

    The house is located around 1.2 kms from Mae Ramphueng beach in Rayong province. Here you will find a lot
    of beach restaurants offering Thai-, Seafood- and western food. Located less than 2 hours from Bangkok airport
    and close to many golf courses. Welcome to Rayong! The province with the most sunshine in Thailand...

    HOUSE 5.2
    Area: Mae Ramphueng beach (1.2 kms away)
    Property type: Freehold for Thai owners / Lease hold for foreigners possible.
    Number of rooms: Living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, 1 terrace space. Carport.
    Living area: 125 m²
    Land area: 332 m² (83 talang wah)
    Price: 2,990,000 THB

    Thai, English: Varin Boonlue
    ติดต่อ วาริน บุญลือ +66 (0)9 8669 4539
    Line: homesolutionservices

    English, Swedish: Fredrik Skoglöf
    Mobile: +66(0)9 3496 6615
    Line: fredrikbanphe

    판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach 판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach 판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach 판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach 판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach 판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach 판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach 판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach 판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach 판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach
    판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach

    판매자:  +660934966615 Fredrik Skoglof
    소통 언어:    - English


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    판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach: 단독가옥 125 편방미터; 판매가격 - 2 990 000 바트    -   태국회사
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