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October 19, 12:53

판매 - Studio Royal Rayong

스튜디오 스튜디오 57 편방미터
라용, Maeramphueng Beach
Hat Mae Rambhung road
Studio Royal Rayong

판매가격 2 400 000바트    -   사유재산
Updated 16-10-2018

  • 층 - 10
  • 욕실 - 1
  • 해변까지의 거리 - 50 미터
  • 바다보기: &
  • 수영장: 공동 수영장
  • 경비

  • 에어콘 - 1
  • 가구세트 완전한
  • 부엌
  • 전기/가스 난로
  • 냉장고
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  • 인터넷 WI-FI

  • COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE, cozy and bright
    57 m2 apartment
    right in the center of the house on 10 floors with
    spacious balconies
    direct, unobstructed panoramic sea views. The
    house is only 60m
    from the beach which is 12km long.

    In the living room: combined living room /
    bedroom, European
    kitchenette, bathroom, balcony, air conditioning
    and fiber optic cable
    WiFi, marble floor.
    Kitchen with tiled floor and mosaic tiles, stone
    levels, large roster
    fridge / freezer.

    Big closet in the hallway. large closet in the
    sleeping area, 180 cm
    double bed, bedside tables and lamps, sofa bed,
    living room table,
    chest of drawers, lamella curtains.

    BATHROOM: shower, hot water, toilet seat, large
    mirror, sink and
    washbasin cabinet, tile walls and floor.

    PARKING: two rocking chairs, two beach
    umbrellas, dining table and
    two benches, marble floor tiling, fan, laundry

    All furnishings, dishes, dining utensils, bed linen,
    towels are included
    in the price.

    Buyer and seller pay 50% of the land office fees

    You can visit us between 5.1 - 3.3.2019.

    TUBE WITH THE TITLE: Hiekkavarvas rannalla

    Please contact:

    판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach 판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach 판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach 판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach 판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach 판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach 판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach 판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach 판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach 판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach
    판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach

    판매자:  0505921665 Päivi
    소통 언어:    - English - Suomen


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    Copacabana Beach Jomtien Pattaya

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    Studio Royal Rayong 판매 라용 Maeramphueng Beach: 스튜디오 57 편방미터; 판매가격 - 2 400 000 바트    -   사유재산
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