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11 Aug 2022

임대 - Baan Sammi - Plumeria Home

단독가옥 2-침실 88 편방미터
치앙마이, Doi Saket
79/1 M. 6, T. Pa Lan, A. Doi Saket, Chiang Mai 50220
지면 면적 1740 Wah   ( 1 Wah = 4 편방미터 )

15 000 바트/월
12 000 바트/월 6개월
9 800 바트/월
Updated 25-11-2021

  • 층 - 1
  • 침실 - 2
  • 욕실 - 2
  • 해변까지의 거리 - 10 미터
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  • 수영장: 공동 수영장
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  • Lakeside bungalow with pavilion in natural garden, 10 mi to city.

    Location: 10 mi (15 km) northeast of the city of Chiang Mai, or 11 mi
    (18 km) to the Tha Phae Gate, or 4 mi (7 km) to the Doi Saket district
    center, in non-touristy countryside, between two villages, in a fenced,
    quiet and secure 1.7 acre (7000 m², or 4 rai ) private property with
    park-like natural garden and a few houses.

    Size of private areas: Living area in the house (bungalow with pavilion)
    947 ft² (88 m²), plus exterior living area (terraces, garden), about 300
    yd² (250 m²).

    Buildings: A unit comprising bungalow and pavilion, fully equipped
    (partly furnished on request).
    The bungalow, comprising: 1 bedroom (with queen-size bed with
    mattress 5 × 6.5 ft = 152 × 200 cm, air-conditioner and ceiling fan,
    room safe, built-in wardrobe); living and dining room (with sitting and
    dining area, ceiling fan), optional with a laptop-friendly workspace with
    LAN and UPS; kitchen, fully equipped (with electric stove with 2 hobs,
    extractor hood, sink, 2-door refrigerator 24 × 70 × 26 in = 60 × 179 ×
    66 cm, microwave, hot water kettle, coffee machine, toaster); WC (with
    Western type toilet, hand-wash basin); en-suite bathroom (with Thai
    type toilet, hand-wash basin, and hot shower); laundry room (with
    washing machine).
    The pavilion, a wooden stilt-house, comprising: 1 bedroom (with
    queen-size bed, ceiling fan, hand-wash basin, urinal); living room (with
    sitting area, pantry kitchenette, refrigerator, ceiling fan), can be
    equipped with a laptop-friendly workspace (with LAN) on request.

    Outdoor living area (private garden), comprising: Sitting area (with
    ceiling fan under the pavilion, and nice views over the natural pond);
    terraces (with views over the designed garden, and pathways to the
    park-like natural garden).

    Shared: Park-like natural community garden, with pathways, sitting
    areas, canals, bridges, ponds, tall trees and bamboos, wild edible
    plants and fruit trees, most of the area can be explored and used for
    recreation. The natural swimming pond, 300 ft (90 m) long and 23 ft (7
    m) deep, is accessible for the community, and can also be used for
    boating and fishing on request.

    Facilities: Free and unlimited community Wi-Fi Internet throughout the
    property, private Wi-Fi or LAN at extra cost (details on request), tap
    water (drinkable), electricity 220 V, parking (1 car or 1 motorbike)
    within the property (roofed car port on request), using the boat on the
    big pond, using barbecue equipment in the garden, using the roofed
    community seating area with LAN connection.

    Transportation: Public transportation from the street adjacent to the
    property, fare to Chiang Mai 60 Baht. App-based transport service from
    Grab (GrabCar, GrabBike) available. Private transportation by renting
    a car, motorbike, scooter or bicycle, details on request.

    Suitability: This home is best suitable for a single person, or a couple,
    or a small family, who likes nature and an inspiring tranquil
    environment, e.g. the elderly, retirees, writers, artists, digital nomads,
    for people on long-stay vacation and sabbatical leave, for employees
    working in the east, northeast or southeast of Chiang Mai.

    Online photo album (over 100 photos, some videos, maps, and a floor
    plan): Link on request.

     임대 치앙마이 Doi Saket  임대 치앙마이 Doi Saket  임대 치앙마이 Doi Saket  임대 치앙마이 Doi Saket  임대 치앙마이 Doi Saket  임대 치앙마이 Doi Saket  임대 치앙마이 Doi Saket  임대 치앙마이 Doi Saket  임대 치앙마이 Doi Saket  임대 치앙마이 Doi Saket
     임대 치앙마이 Doi Saket

    판매자:   -   Khun Sam
    0896339517 Khun Sam
    소통 언어:    - ไทย - English - Deutsch


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    Baan Sammi - Plumeria Home 임대 치앙마이 Doi Saket: 단독가옥 2-침실 88 편방미터; 임대료 - 15 000 바트/월
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