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Law Visa Accounting Services in Pattaya

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30 Jul 2021

판매 임대 - 1101

아파트 3-침실 127 편방미터
후아힌, South Hua Hin
37 Banhuadon Nongkae Takiab Prachuabkirikhan 77110

판매가격 13 500 000바트    -   사유재산
18 800 바트/주
69 000 바트/월
394 000 바트/월 6개월
675 000 바트/월
Updated 25-8-2019

  • 층 - 11
  • 침실 - 3
  • 욕실 - 1
  • 해변까지의 거리 - 20 미터
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  • 수영장: 공동 수영장
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  • First Line Beach front corner apartment in Hua Hin.
    Beautiful Seaview. 12.floor. Mosqito free her. 127 m2
    Big corner Balcony.
    Price 13,5 mill. thb.(its under normal price for beach front
    Open for offer. Buy direkt from owner, save money.

    Situated right on the beach. The property is approximately a 10-
    minute drive from the centre of Hua Hin and a 5-minute drive from
    Cicada Market Hua Hin.
    A refrigerator and a stovetop can be found in the kitchenette. A big
    flat-screen TV with cable channels is provided. Other facilities at the
    building include a fitness centre and outdoor pool. Private garden,
    beach. Rastaurant.

    An array of activities is offered in the area, such as golfing and
    horse riding. Masasj. 2 charmy marked near.

    The nearest golf course is 350 m away.

    Vana Nava Hua Hin Water Park for exciting water activities, situated
    just a 15-minute ride away.

    Fishing village, With seafood 5 minute away

    Khao Takiab is a great choice for travellers interested in Beach.
    Swimming pools, 24 ours secure. free parking.

    판매 임대 후아힌 South Hua Hin 판매 임대 후아힌 South Hua Hin 판매 임대 후아힌 South Hua Hin 판매 임대 후아힌 South Hua Hin 판매 임대 후아힌 South Hua Hin 판매 임대 후아힌 South Hua Hin 판매 임대 후아힌 South Hua Hin 판매 임대 후아힌 South Hua Hin 판매 임대 후아힌 South Hua Hin 판매 임대 후아힌 South Hua Hin
    판매 임대 후아힌 South Hua Hin

    판매자:   -   Helge Phillips
    0957531608 Helge Phillips
    소통 언어:    - ไทย - English - Deutsch - Svenska - Norsk


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    Club Royal Pattaya
    Club Royal Wongamat

    1101 판매 임대 후아힌 South Hua Hin: 아파트 3-침실 127 편방미터; 판매가격 - 13 500 000 바트    -   사유재산; 임대료 - 69 000 바트/월
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