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19 May 2023

판매 - A truly amazing villa with 12 bed spaces in Laem Mae Phim

단독가옥 5-침실 200 편방미터
라용, Laem Mae Phim
Laem Mae Pim

판매가격 10 900 000바트    -   태국회사
Updated 29-8-2022

  • 침실 - 5
  • 욕실 - 4
  • 해변까지의 거리 - 200 미터
  • 바다보기: &
  • 수영장: 개별적 수영장
  • 경비

  • 에어콘 - 3
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  • The villa is located in a very exclusive subdivision on the highest point

    and has an excellent view.

    The house is 200 sqm with a large kitchen and living room area with a

    bar. This is a lovely designed villa with lovely views all around and an

    infinity pool in the middle of the patio, which is a lovely space for a

    large group or a big family to spend some quality time together.

    The master bedroom is located on the top floor with an amazing ocean

    view with a large balcony, bathroom, and Jacuzzi. There are also two

    bedrooms with bathrooms and their own entrances next to the infinity


    There is also an apartment in front of the house, which holds a large

    living room, kitchen, and a bedroom with bathroom and has a separate

    entrance. In the back of the house there is also another apartment with

    bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

    There is a large swimming pool and sundeck with a well equipped gym

    located in the common areas.

    The villa is located in a private subdivision with walking distance to

    beach and restaurants in lovely Lah Mae Phim. The town is famous for

    its many seafood restaurants with great prices. Laem Mae Phim is a

    very quiet location and from here you can easily travel to many

    paradise islands and there are many golf courses nearby. Taxi from

    Bangkok airport will take about 2.5 hours and Pattaya is about 1.5

    hours and Ban Phe is only 15 minutes where you can take a boat to the

    famous Koh Samed.

    1 Master Bedroom on the top floor with walk in closet, bathroom and

    Jacuzzi area o the patio overlooking the ocean

    2 double bedrooms next to the swimming pool. They both have their

    own entrances.

    1 Apartment with double bed and extra bed, bathroom and kitchen

    1 Apartment with double bed and own bathroom, living room and


    12 beds in total

    Infinity pool with showers next to the the pool and large patios all


    Large kitchen that will fit 12 people

    Large living room with a bar and direct access to the s

    판매 라용 Laem Mae Phim 판매 라용 Laem Mae Phim 판매 라용 Laem Mae Phim 판매 라용 Laem Mae Phim 판매 라용 Laem Mae Phim 판매 라용 Laem Mae Phim 판매 라용 Laem Mae Phim 판매 라용 Laem Mae Phim 판매 라용 Laem Mae Phim 판매 라용 Laem Mae Phim
    판매 라용 Laem Mae Phim

    판매자:   -   Roger
    +639297930650 Roger
    소통 언어:    - English - Svenska


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    A truly amazing villa with 12 bed spaces in Laem Mae Phim 판매 라용 Laem Mae Phim: 단독가옥 5-침실 200 편방미터; 판매가격 - 10 900 000 바트    -   태국회사
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